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Looking to gain that extra edge on your sporting performance? Trying to calm that temper? Or hold back those nerves?
Trying to train your players more efficiently? and help them deal better in match situations?
Then this is the place for you! Brain SPEC is the product of Mark Simpson. A table tennis player himself he is using his experiences and what he has learned from his sport psychology training to help you enhance your own or your players' performances!



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

England- Book your Brain-SPEC workshops in May!

Brain-SPEC will be looking at setting up workshops in England during May. 

If your club is interested in hosting one then get in touch now to ensure the dates that work best for you are not booked up!

Prices will vary depending upon numbers of participants (the more, the cheaper it will for everybody!) and the topic can be specifically aimed towards your club.

Send an email to to allow your club to benefit from a workshop.

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