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Friday, 10 April 2015

Team goal setting workshop in Bishop Auckland

Reaching your goal, as a TEAM!

Having clear goals for your team is crucial to motivating your team to train harder and work more effectively together on and off the pitch.
This interactive workshop will give teams the opportunity to learn how to set effective goals both individually and as a team, while also allowing them to work with a specialist together to set goals for the coming season. It will also equip them to regulate, and reset goals in the future.

This workshop will be of great benefit to the team. It helps to improve team spirit, understanding of roles within the team and enjoyment of the collective unit they are part of. It is most effective when as many of the team as possible (most effectively, the full team) including the coach attends. 

It will take place at Bishop Barrington school in Bishop Auckland, home of Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club on the evening of Monday 25th May 6pm

Please email for further information or to sign your team up! It is well worth attending and could make the difference in your team`s season!
High numbers are anticipated and spaces are limited so get your team booked in early to avoid disappointment

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