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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Table tennis psychology workshop in Bishop Auckland

Brain-SPEC has again joined up with Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club to offer another workshop. 

Do you ever feel you are playing really well in training but not in matches? A difficult thing in table tennis is to know how to make training feel more like matches and matches feel more like training and how to get the most out of the limited training you have access to. The two topics we will look at in this workshop are-

  • Training Optimisation 
    • how to make the most of every minute when training and optimise the speed in which you improve and transfer that into matches. 
  • Routine Setting 
    • How to best prepare for matches to make sure you play closer to your best on a more consistent basis. 

These topics will build upon the previous 2 workshops given last year at Bishop Auckland TTC but are also designed for people new to the whole topic.

Players of any level who are interested in improving their performance in table tennis can benefit from this workshop, by learning skills that can be practiced and integrated day in day out for the rest of their lives!

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 26th May 6pm-8pm at Bishop Barrington School, home of Bishop Auckland TTC and will cost £8 per person. Parents of children under 16 are welcome to sit in on the workshop free of charge.

Players who are attending the training camp the following day will particularly benefit as these skills can be worked on during the camp. A discount is also available to these players by contacting Matt Porter.

Those who wish to book their place on this camp can do so by contacting Matt Porter at or on 07411018856 or by emailing

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